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The reconstruction strategy of the education have three terms.
Short term (May need 3-4 months):
The government of AJK will have to work out details of the needs including civil works, equipment, materials, literature, and teacher training and counseling. This detailed working will based on the norms, procedures, criteria, guiding principles, coordination aspects mentioned in this document. All partners will participate including DRUs, donors, NGOs, Education Extension Center and Engineering Cell and others. This refining of need assessment among others, which are found essential during detailed planning: Site-by-site survey of schools and colleges to develop data basis to prepare inventories institution-wise, if not already started according to the framework. These surveys should be conducted to ensure the credibility of information and allocation of appropriate category P1-P6, M1-M2, HI-H2, HS1-HS2. Ensure equity by bridging:-
  • Criteria specifications for rationalized provision of educational institutions Packaging of schemes based on economies of scale (U.C. level, tehsil level or district level) Development of Various Mechanisms depending upon involvement of a partner
  • Timeframe for completing a package of schemes
  • Costing of need assessment phase decision making on bidding modes (national / international / community construction)
  • Revision of school development including approval of designs to be used by donors in case of donors wishing to manage their reconstruction efforts preparing detailed Matrix of Responsibilities
  • Monitoring and Evaluation plan communication strategy will be required
  • Clearly laid down coordination and communication to be in place.
Medium Term (May take 6 months – activities under medium term will overlap with short and long term activities):
  • The reconstruction and reequipping of educational facilities, civil society engagement in reconstruction, and construction of seismically safe facilities will be among the necessary measures to be adopted during the medium term.
  • Counseling for students, staff and teacher training Semi permanent structures will be required at several places where tent schools are not a workable option for a longer period of time due to various reasons. Several donors have shown their willingness to finance this important activity. Tent schools and schools to be located in semi permeable be facilitated by provision of quality inputs like libraries, purpose-built furniture etc. Training should be started in conjunction with Housing Sector Strategy, training guidelines and their translation in local language, information sharing mechanism. Health Sector intended labor is the same.
Long term (may take 3 years):
  • Overall reconstruction efforts will be supervised by ERRA through DRUs, and LAs. Line departments will focus on service provision with the help of the private sector, communities and NGOs.
  • Establishment of a regulatory body each by AJK with enforcement powers will be necessary for setting standards for seismic safety of school buildings, and subsequently to retrofit all facilities nationwide. This body will work under the overall guidance of ERRA’s nominated regulatory body at federal level, which is the Implementation Wing of ERRA with technical support from NESPAK
  • Training to produce skilled labor, community guidance, translation of guidelines in local languages and information sharing mechanism continues.
  • Semi-permanent structures are put to use for schools, which got permanent building
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