Event Description

Earthquake 2005

The catastrophic earthquake of magnitude 7.6 on October 8, 2005 with approx. 1,300 aftershocks injured deep into the state body resulting the public infrastructure paralyzed, private infrastructure destructed, a large scaled deaths and injuries, resulted in vacuums and created multiplied devastation.

An overwhelming response from national and international community helped the state to accommodate and compensate the losses to bring back the life in area. World biggest rescue and relief operations employing 50 helicopters intercepted the devastation and a number of donor organizations rushed to participate in relief, recovery, reconstruction and rehabilitation missions on humanitarian grounds.

  • All primary and secondary road were opened and communication links were restored.
  • No outbreak of epidemic or infectious disease reported
  • Averted additional deaths from exposure to severe climatic condition, hunger and diseases.
  • Over 116,512 People migrated to 220 Camps.
  • The relief goods provided by the NGOs/Civil Society and uncountable.
  • Commodities, and relief items distributed

  • 855.2 tons of medicines
  • 1.91 million blankets
  • 75,962 tons of ration
  • 0.600 million C.G.I Sheets
  • about 0.400 million tents were provided to the affectees.

To harmonize, organize and structure the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Activities for effective, transparent, accountable and deliverable objectives, a state level “State Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency (SERRA)”, under supervision of Federal “Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency (ERRA)” was constituted to respond the devastation caused by the recent earthquake. SERRA has the overall management responsibility within the State for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation efforts.

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