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The basic thrust of the Strategy for Governance Sector is to restore and improve the system of governance in the affected districts through reconstruction and rehabilitation of damaged government buildings, provision of required logistic support to these facilities and to restore the capacity of those facilities to the pre-earthquake level. Wherever necessary and justifiable, the physical structures of the damaged departments would be expanded and improved using the earthquake resistant techniques.
Scope and prioritization of work
Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of partially and fully damaged buildings and provision of equipment and logistic support is the priority of SERRA. Due to lack of capacity, it is not possible to complete all reconstruction in one year; therefore, three years reconstruction plan has been devised. However, priority must be accorded on the basis of the following criteria:
  • functioning of service delivery department must be the top priority;
  • Population served by the facility;
  • Lack of alternative facilities.
DRU in consultation with the concerned department and implementing agency will submit the Work Plan by prioritizing on the basis of need assessment
Status of left out buildings
Any affected building which may have been left out due to error or omission or lack of information will be rehabilitated or reconstructed subject to intimation of such building to ERRA/SERRA and approval thereof
Guiding principles
Considering some prospective critical issues like coordination complexity between various stakeholders, some guiding principles for the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation strategy will be as under:
  1. Governments of AJK and concerned implementing Departments will be overall responsible for smooth implementation of reconstruction and rehabilitation work along with DRUs.
  2. SERRA will be overall Planning and Coordinating Agency.
  3. Consultation with all stakeholders during planning and implementation.
  4. SERRA may prioritize and may amend the packages indicated in this document for awarding contracts as required under the circumstances.
  5. Inclusion of any structure in this document does not automatically qualify it for repair or reconstruction. The DRU and Implementing Agency must carry out the survey and include the scheme if justified in the Work Plan. Each PC-1 of repair or reconstruction must have a certificate from the DRU and implementing Department indicating the justification on the basis of need based assessment.
  6. Rationalization of covered area for offices and residences must be done. All structures should be designed according to current and future needs. Past construction or covered area would be the least justification.
  7. SERRA shall be the fund manager for all reconstruction and rehabilitation activities in AJK.
  8. Building structures will be designed to ensure efficiency and access to public. This would be done by meeting all the requirement of the staff working in the office during designing. Better access to the public must be ensured by building waiting areas, visitors toilets etc.
  9. Equitable share will be given to each Department while prioritizing the reconstruction of Government Offices.
  10. Equity must be ensured while phasing the reconstruction of Government Servant’s residences. It must be ensured that all level of Government Servants be given equitable share in prioritizing the buildings.
The following methodologies will be used to achieve Governance sector’s objectives:
(i) Improved disaster preparedness and service delivery:
Office buildings/houses will be built to cater for disaster preparedness and mitigation. This will be achieved through the following measures:
  • Partially damaged structures and buildings would be retrofitted to ensure seismic resistance
  • Structures will be designed to comply with the hazard resistant construction standards/designs and building codes prepared by SERRA’s nominated agency NESPAK.
  • Partly damaged building projects will be repaired or upgraded keeping in view the requirement.
  • Replacement schemes will be designed with due consideration, among others, to the current and anticipated future needs;
  • Cost-effective and appropriate technological options to suit local conditions and social and cultural practices will be used. Operation and maintenance and sustainability will also be given consideration in the selection of the technological options;
  • Provision of appropriate water and sanitation facilities to all Government buildings;
  • Every Government Office will have a reception and separate visitor’s room to facilitate the visitors.
(ii) Inter-sectoral Approach
Governance will be integrated in related sectoral strategies of ERRA, especially water & sanitation and environment. To this end:
  • All office buildings/houses and facilities to be reconstructed in the affected areas under the “Governance Sector Strategy” will be provided with adequate water and sanitation facilities. Provision to this affect has been made in the “Water & Sanitation Strategy”.
  • Management of debris and clearance of sites for reconstruction under the sector will be addressed duly in the “Environment Sector Strategy”; and
  • Disaster preparedness strategy for buildings/houses and complexes will be prepared under the “Disaster Risk and Reduction Strategy”.
(iii) Capacity Building:
Restoration and strengthening of State Government functions is paramount to provide efficient social services. The institutional capacity building programmes would be selected for which 20% additional amount has been allocated in the cost estimates. Followings are the guiding principles
  • The overhead cost of such projects would be kept within justifiable and rational limits and would not exceed 10 % of the total cost of the project.
  • Need based selection of institutional building programmes for affected Department/Agency.
  • The project design would include a well defined framework to ensure long term sustainability and proper evaluation mechanism in terms of project productivity and practical utility of trained personnel.
(iv) Recurrent Cost:
Staff salary, costs of repair and maintenance of buildings, furniture and equipment are assumed to be provided on regular basis as per current norms i.e. from the regular budget of concerned Departments. ERRASERRA will not provide any funding for this except one time provision of equipment and logistics.
(v) Quality Assurance
Quality of supplies and works will also be ensured through standardization and third-party supervision/validation, respectively. Multi projects strategy has been evolved to ensure quality of constructional works, services delivery etc.
  1. Promulgation of building by laws.
  2. Approval of building codes.
  3. Establishment of constructional material hubs.
  4. Multiple checks for constructional material like establishment of material testing static and mobile labs etc.
  5. An elaborative mechanism for monitoring and evaluation at all levels.
(vi) Transparency
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