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SERRA’s health policy delineates guiding principles, guidelines and strategy for reconstruction in the earthquake-affected districts. The health component of Government’s ‘Build Back Better’ policy is based on the Humanitarian charter for minimum standards for health care, including the right to ‘health for all’ and respect of the dignity of the population affected by the disaster. The health strategy has been constructed on the key principles of equity, access to essential health care, timeliness, results, accountability, placement of strong local leadership and strategic coordination of the effort. The strategy also envisages addressing the special needs of vulnerable population, especially women and children who are the major clients of the health system, and the needs of persons with disabilities and psychological trauma.
The reconstruction and rehabilitation effort provides a unique opportunity to improve the
functioning and performance of the health system. The implementation of the reconstruction strategy will be used as a mean to explore management options for strengthening the health system to address key issues faced by the sector including under performance, inadequate quality of care and poor availability of human resources. The policy will also support development and implementation of an emergency preparedness and disaster response system in the health sector.
AJK Departments of Health will need further refinement of needs based on actual requirements considering essential health service package, health facility utilization rate, geographical accessibility, population and availability of human resources. District Health Offices will prepare detailed plans with full participation of district governments/ district authorities, communities and different stakeholders including development partners, NGOs and private sector.

  • To restore health care infrastructure through rationalized reconstruction / rehabilitation of seismically safe and user friendly health infrastructure;
  • To ensure availability of an integrated and essential services package at different levels of health care delivery system covering preventive and curative services including rehabilitation program with improved access for the disabled;
  • To strengthen the management and organizational system to revive and sustain health
  • services; and
  • To devise an institutional mechanism in the health sector to operationalize a rapid effective emergency and disaster response whenever required
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