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The purpose of this strategy is to rehabilitate the livelihoods of the rural and urban populations in the earthquake affected areas in support of the overall government policy of “Build Back Better”. The vision for the livelihood rehabilitation process is “a revitalized and strengthened livelihood support system with an inclusive community based approach”
  • The livelihood rehabilitation strategy has four key objectives:
  • To restore the livelihoods of the earthquake affected population to, at least, pre earthquake conditions.
  • To effectively coordinate the livelihood rehabilitation activities in the earthquake affected areas, preventing duplication of activities and ensuring equitable coverage by implementing agencies.
  • To strengthen community based organizations (CBOs) and committee in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating community livelihood rehabilitation plans.
  • To restore and enhance the capacities and capabilities of livelihood related line departments.
The following are the key inputs
  • Establishment of Livelihood Coordination Units (LCUs) at all levels and Livelihood Working Committees (LWCs) for planning & coordination
  • Provision of specified vehicles, equipment and materials
  • Training and orientation for the LCU, line agencies and NGO staff in participatory needs assessment and village planning
  • Community Investment Fund to finance community identified priorities in rehabilitation and reconstruction
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